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How to add multiple users in


After completing this lab, you will be able to:

  • Manage Office 365 users and licenses by using the Office 365 admin center

Note: The lab steps for this course change frequently due to updates to Office 365. Microsoft Learning updates the lab steps frequently, so they are not available in this manual.

Note: Do not install Office 365 Products in your personal machine. Please use the lab machines instead

Lab setup

Virtual machines: PLABDC01 and PLABWIN10

User Name: Administrator

Password: Passw0rd

Note: You will be using your Office 365 Trial Account that you created by following our lab guide. If you do not have your trial account, kindly get the lab guide and have one.

This course uses the Office 365 Admin center for all labs.

In all tasks:

  • Login to the office 365 portal using the account that you have created from the previous guide

This lab requires the following virtual machines (use only the VMs required for your lab):

  • PLABDC01
    • Sign in as Administrator by using the password Passw0rd

    • Sign in as Administrator by using the password Passw0rd
  1. Open Microsoft Edge, and then browse to

  1. Sign in using your trial account, that you created by following our lab guide

  1. On the Office 365 portal, select Admin.

  1. On the menu on the left side, point to Users, and then select Active users.

  1. Select Add Multiple users.

  1. On the the wizard, click on Download a CSV with Example.

  1. Click on the downloaded file to open and edit the user details.

  1. Try to edit the excel file which look like that.

  1. Get help from here as well.,Add%20multiple%20users%20in%20the%20Microsoft%20365%20admin%20center,without%20sample%20data%20filled%20in.

  1. That is how it looks like after filling.

  1. Save it to the desktop.
  2. Go back to the office 365 portal and click to browse

  1. Select that edited CSV file.

  1. After validation click on next


  1. Here you can assign whatever licenses are required for these users
  2. Review and finish adding multiple users, Click to add users

  1. You have successfully added 3 users

February 4, 2022

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